Aluminium Double Seal Box Gutter System

One of our customers in London ordered our double seal box gutter system. The striking design and colour adds a unique and distinctive finish to the building that really impressed the client. Our extensive range of polyester powder colours (RAL or BS) enables us to suit all buildings & style.


Aluminium guttering systems

All Aluminium guttering systems rely on joint sealant to join the different sections together to avoid leaks. Common sense tells us that it is not the best idea to put holes into the gutters as these will inevitably leak. As with all Stormguard clip fit gutters (and the new box gutters) we use a guaranteed silicone sealant. This allows the whole gutter system fitted with 3mm to 5mm gaps at the joint to expand and contract whilst maintaining their integrity against leaks. We cannot dictate how the joiners are used, some prefer external joiners only and believe that sealed joints look neater whilst others prefer internal joiners only. Both systems are being effectively used at present and both do work.

Aluminium Rainwater Pipes

All aluminium rainwater pipes are made from heavy-grade extruded aluminum tube with a minimum 1.6mm wall gauge. The 63, 76 and 102mm diameter pipes have either decorative die cast aluminum collars with or without traditional lugs ( Cast Collar) or swaged aluminum collars with extruded pipe brackets in the modern style.


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