Aluminium Clip Fit Ogee Gutter Project.

Aluminium Clip Fit Ogee Gutter Project.

One of our latest completed projects was in Pulborough, with a customer looking to complete his dream home. Pulborough, well known for their annual charity duck races and a 12 hour lawn mower race, would soon become home to the newly named building ‘Rats Castle’.

rats castle4


Selecting the aluminium gutters.

Stormguard Rainwater worked very closely with the client to help ensure the right decision was made with the selection of their products, taking every one of their needs into consideration. After speaking with the customer and working out the necessary flow calculations it was decided that the aluminium 6’’ x 4’’ ogee clip fit gutter would be a perfect match for the distinguished residence. Stormguard were also able to match the glossy white colour of the existing fascia and soffits.

Selecting the aluminium downpipe.

The customer was looking to keep a more traditional look to the house. The combination of the aluminium 6’’ x 4’’ clip fit ogee gutter and the 3’’ x 3’’ square cast eared collared pipe achieved what the customer was looking for.

The majority of our aluminium rainwater pipes have either decorative diecast aluminium collars with or without traditional lugs or swaged aluminium collars with extruded brackets in the contemporary style. The 76x76mm is available with a swaged collar. However, the 102x76mm, 102x102mm and 150x150mm pipes cannot be swaged. As an alternative, these sizes come complete with feature made welded collars that create a swage effect and look almost identical.

Finished Product.

Since then our customer has kept in touch and has been so happy with his project, He has recommended us to some of his close family and friends. He has also kindly sent us some photos through, which as you can see shows images of a beautiful looking house.

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